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  • Artartist

Seems to me that five years ago, the websites of many art museums displayed lots of their works on their websites. But in 2013, I've discovered this generosity to the viewer has often disappeared. But I did manage to display for you examples of the artists' works by using Google image search. Many of the images will first appear small -- thumbnail size -- but usually can be enlarged by clicking on them or by simply moving your mouse over them. On some sites, too, tools such as a magnifying glass will allow you to enlarge images.

  1. Art Institute of Chicago. Over a thousand works on line. I especially like the photography gallery. If you're allergic to bee stings, I wouldn't recommend looking at this photo. 6/29/2015
  2. Dali Theatre and Museum, a museum of the artist Salvador Dali in his home town of Figueres, in Catalonia, Spain. Many of the Dali works in the museum are shown here; also included are photos of the outside of the museum. Images are shown here in small size, but click on them to enlarge. Several Museum videos on YouTube. Another YouTube video showing Dali on in the 1950s tv game show "What's My Line." This video may not be tied into the museum, but it's fun to view to get a personal glimpse of the artist. If you are in Florida, you can see a great collection of Dali's work in St. Petersburg. 6/29/2015.

    3/8/2015 I just received an email from Nicholas who works for which is a great resource for all those who would like to view Dali's work online as well as learn information about this great artist. In Nicholas' email to me, he wrote "I actually worked on Artsy's new Salvador Dali page and I think it would be a great resource for your readers. The newly designed page includes his bio, over 140 of his works, exclusive articles about Dali, as well as his up-to-date exhibitions – it's a unique Salvador Dali resource." Thanks, Nicholas, for bringing to my attention this excellent source of Dali's work.

  3. Doll creation as an art form? Only recently have I discovered that creating dolls can be a beautiful expression of art. I made this discovery thanks to a relative -- Gayle  Wray. You can see several of her artistic creations at Doll Pile.   Any questions or comments you wish to send to Ms. Wray, just forward them to me at   6/23/2015.
  4. Isabella Steward Gardner Museum. Boston, MA. Many works can be seen on line. In 1990, millions of dollars worth of art was stolen from this museum by thieves posing as Boston policemen. Details of this still unsolved crime from the FBI.  6/29/2015.
  5. J. Paul Getty Museum. Manuscripts, drawings, paintings, sculpture.  6/29/2015
  6. Jackson Pollock. Biography plus many Pollock paintings from various museums. Be sure to click on the thumbnail size photos to enlarge them.  6/29/2015
  7. Leepa-Rattner Museum of Fine Artat the Tarpon Springs (Florida) Campus of St. Petersburg College. I have a special interest in this museum near my home in Tarpon Springs, Florida on the St. Peterburg College campus. As the name suggests, the museum focuses on two artists Allen Leepa and Abraham Rattner. I will provide here links to information on these two artists. Over 20 Google hits on Abraham Rattner were picked up on July 23, 2013, limited to edu (college and university) sites and all updated in the last year. With the same limitations except removing the one-year time limitation,  I picked up more than 160 Google hits on Allen Leepa.  6/29/2015
    • In my research on Abraham Rattner, I came across the work of one of his relatives, also an artist whose work I admire. His name -- Chuck Berk.  To my untrained eye, his style  seems similar to Rattner's as you can judge for yourself by viewing some of  Mr. Berk's work at his  website. Berk's work on A video of Berk.  Berk's resume.  6/29/2015
  8. Louvre Museum in Paris. The text in this site is in French. This is a good chance to use Google's translator. Just put the website address of the Louvre Museum into the box at the Google translator site, that is  In the top right hand corner of each webpage in the Louvre site, you may have noted the red tab "Select language." So in this case, you could have translated this French site without using Google Translator. But I thought this would be a good time to introduce you to Google's translation power. Imagine how helpful this translator could be if you were learning French,. You could open one window of your browser in English; and then another window in French. Size both windows so that the French and English versions are next to one another. Anytime you're stuck on a French word, just look in the adjacent English version to get the translation. Before you leave the Louvre site, be sure to take the virtual tour. 6/29/2015
  9. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. With the Museum's approval, you can enlarge and download (save) to your own computer more than 400,000 works of art from the museum's collection. . 6/29/2015 
  10. National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.  6/29/2015 
  11. Paris Web Museum. Includes work of Cezanne, Degas, Greco. 6/29/2015
  12. Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem, Massachusetts. Collection includes a house from China moved and rebuilt within the museum, plus Chinese Art, American Decorative Art, African and Indian art, plus much more. Special photography exhibit with many photos online. PEM also includes the Philips Library open for serious researchers on "New England maritime history and art, New England life and culture, American decorative arts, Asian art and culture, Native American history and art, the art and culture of Oceania, natural history and genealogy." Salem residents are fortunate, indeed, to visit this museum without paying any entrance fee. If you visit Boston in the summer months, be sure to take the ferry to Salem to view this great museum and the fascinating town filled with so much history. For nine years, I spent the summer months in Salem three months a year and never tired of visiting the museum, the great restaurants and shops.  6/29/2015
  13. Photography
    • Photography by nature photographer Ray I. Doan. After seeing the movie March of the Penguins, I was especially interested in his information on Emperor Penguins. 6/29/2015
    • Photography EarthTrek. If you're an amateur photography interested in improving your skills by viewing thousands of photos taken around the world, this is the site for you.   Browse over 1,200,000Never saw so many great photos in one place. Members can post their photos and have them critiqued and even improved by others. Here are some examples of photos I found especially artistic, all taken in Krakow, Poland. 6/29/2015
    • Photography by Tony Arruza. Click on the word "Gallery" at the top of webpage for a category of the types of photos in this online collection. If you love the beach and photography, Tony is a master at capturing the beauty of life in and around the water.This website is a great example, too, of how to display your photos online.6/29/2015.
  14. San Francisco Fine Arts Museum.. I especially like the museum's online photo collection. 6/29/2015.
  15. Web Gallery of Art. Over 11,000 examples of European paintings and sculpture from the twelfth to the nineteenth centuries.Artists are listed in alphabetical order. Use the dual window view to see side by side two works of art that are similar in ways the accompany text explains.  Just click on an artist's name to see his or her work. 6/29/2015
  • Business & FinanceMan pointing to graph
  1. CNN and Money Magazine. Business trends, career opportunities, stock market information. Find out how a stock you're interested in is doing. 2/15/2011
  2. Better Business Bureau of Florida (the Tampa Bay area). Find out if the contractor you are planning to hire is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. 2/15/2011
  3. Google Finance search is a valuable tool for researching stocks and funds, and getting access to interactive charts and financial news. I thank my neighbor George for suggesting this site to me. 2/14/2011
  4. Yahoo Finance teaches the basics of the stock market and investing.. 2/14/2011
  5. Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation. See if a contractor, real estate broker, plumber, electrician or another business person is licensed by the State of Florida. Also, see if there are any complaints filed against this business owner. 2/15/2011
  6. How does your salary compare to others in the same field? Check out comparisons of salary for various jobs around the country. 2/15/2011
  7. Superpages. Helps you find information on just about any U.S. company -- information such as addresses, phone numbers, location map and even driving directions. 2/15/2011
  8. U.S. Business Advisor. Government sponsored site that helps you find information on making the right decisions to make your business a success.2/14/2011
  • Careers link to categoriesHelp wanted
  1. opportunity for freelance writers to get paid for writing articles on specific topics. Provides a preparation or training period. Sounds like a great opportunity for retirees looking for extra income while they can work out of their own home. 5/16/06
  2. CareerSite. Aimed at helping both employers and job seekers in Tampa Bay, FL match up.Be sure to use the page links at the bottom of the opening webpage to see more job possibilities than those appearing on the first page. For other States. Required to register. 1/16/04
  3. Career Builder. Here you can search for jobs by category as well as location. Offers advice on job hunting. 4/17/06
  4. Career planning and job searching tutorials from the Buffalo and Erie Counties (NY) libraries. Be sure to use the links to each lesson on the left of the opening webpage. 4/12/04
  5. Home business on line. Thanks to home computers and Internet connections, many people are finding it convenient and financially rewarding to have a job based in their own homes. Might especially be a good alternative for mothers with young children, the handicapped, and retirees.5/21/05
    °Another source of home business opportunities from
    °Newspaper article on home businesses from the Arizona Daily Star,
  6. Monster. Can help you track your ideal job region by region. 1/16/04
  7. My Jobs for Florida residents. Includes government-state jobs. 1/16/04
  8. Net-Temps. Temporary jobs for the Tampa Bay area. Often temporary jobs can lead to permanent, full time jobs. 1/16/04
  9. Virtual office. More and more people are dropping out of the daily routine of working at an office. Instead, thanks to their lap top computers, free Internet calls (Skype), instant messaging, and employee newsgroups, they are conducting their business anywhere and anytime, including while visiting grandma. The Boston Globe describes this exciting new trend that is revolutionizing the business climate. 11/2/06
  • Chats & Newsgroups Chatting over the computer.
  1. Alamak's Chat. Tens of thousands of chat users each day from around the world. 2/17/04
  2. Google Groups. Here you can read and respond to thousands of messages posted on an Internet bulletin board. This is not live chat, but allows viewers to post a message where it is later read by others who can post a reply. You might, for example, read messages posted on Middle East politics and then send in your own reply to be posted for all to view, right along with the message from the original poster. 2/17/04
  3. TalkCity. Lots of categories of chats. Easy to use. One of the web's most popular chat sites. Home page lists more than 100 chat room and shows you how many chatters are currently taking part. Might first consider an overview of the chat categories. 2/17/04
  4. Tampa Bay (Florida) job search. Sponsored by the St. Petersburg Times. Includes information on jobs not only in the local Tampa Bay Area (Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor) but also throughout Florida and the Nation. If you register, you can even post your resume and get email notifications of jobs you're interested in. 5/23/05
  5. Pal Talk. Free instant messenger that works with AOL, Yahoo. MSN. 1/12/2004
  6. Yahoo! Chat. Hundreds of chat rooms. Yahoo is known as one of the best places to meet people on the Internet. 2/17/04
  • Children link to categories girl playing trumpet
  1. American Librarian Associations Great Sites for Kids. List 700-plus sites selected for children. 8/1/04
  2. Ask Jeeves for Kids. Concerned that your children might be steered to harmful sites by regular search engines? Tell your kids to use this search engine that is designed to come up with only G rated sites. 8/1/04
  3. Blogging -- the dangers for kids. About Parenting and Family explains why children need parental supervision when creating blogs -- personal journals online. It's easy for a youngster accidentally to give away personal information that might make him or her vulnerable.
  4. FunBrain. Children can have fun and learn important academic skills at the same time. 8/1/04
  5. Indian Includes silly riddles and jokes for kids. 8/1/04
  6. Magic Tricks. Kids will enjoy learning tricks to entertain their friends and families. 2/2/05
  7. Mamamedia. Variety of fun and creative activities for kids. Links to collection of websites for children under 10.  8/8/04
  8. Mathematics on-line lessons. Today July 18, 2014 I received an email from Cara who wrote that her daughter Chloe has been using a great resource for GCSE -- a resource for "A level math teachers and pupils" -- a resource called Math Doctors." GSCE stands for England's General Certificate of Secondary Education. Cara continued "There are over 250 interactive worksheets and online video tutorials which are step-by-step and Chloe has learned a lot from it. This was the one she was working through yesterday: Algebra -- nth term.  I was wondering if you would be interested in sharing it on your page so your visitors can benefit as well." Thank you, Cara. I am glad to include your resource for teaching math skills. 7/19/2014
  9. Nine planets. Multimedia tour of the universe. Might encourage your youngster to become an astronomer. 6/8/05
  10. SafeKids and Getnetwise. How to keep kids safe on the Internet. 8/4/04
  11. Safe surfing for kids from Midday. 8/4/04
  12. Survival guide for students exploring the Internet. 8/4/04
  13. WebMonkey shows kids how to create webpages. 2/7/06
  14. Web weather for kids. Great spot for children to learn how hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes happen, and how clouds are formed. Might get your children interested in a career in meteorology. 6/8/05
  15. Yahooligans! Search engine links to sites of special interest to kids.8/1/04
  16. Wired Safety. Volunteers help patrol the Internet to protect children. 8/4/04
  • Computer technical help

DISCLAIMER: It is assumed that users are familiar with the operating system they are using and comfortable with making the suggested changes. I will not be held responsible if changes you make cause a system failure.

  1. Readers exchange problems and solutions for dealing with annoyances (freeze-ups, sluggish performance, losing Internet connection) that pop up for users of the various editions of the Windows (95/98/Me/XP) operating system. I sought help here when my Windows 98 computer froze up at the Windows start up screen. 7/15/05
  2. Antivirus. You're running windows 8 on your PC. You wonder if you need additional antivirus protection -- more than what comes with Windows 8. Check out this page for one man's answer to this question. 6/19/2014 PC News rates both free and pay-required antivirus programs for 2014. 10/2/2014
  3. Ask Me For Help. If you have a computer problem, try writing to Ask Me For Help and get the free advice of other computer users, hopefully more expert than you are. 7/15/05
  4. CD drive tray does not open. I had this problem with my HP Pavilion a1230n desktop computer. A CD got stuck in the drive and the drive tray would not open no matter how often I pushed the eject button. I freed the drive by using a paperclip as described at this HP site. Be sure your computer power cord is unplugged before you try this. I disclaim any responsibility if you ruin your CD drive or cause any other problems. But what I did was follow the directions exactly in the HP site with good results. If you have an HP Desktop, this is one site you should know to solve your computer problems. 12/14/06
  5. Clear-type. Make the type easier to read on your laptop LCD monitor. For more information from Microsoft on Clear-type. 3/13/05
  6. CCleaner. According to April 2007, page 35 of Maximum PC magazine, the free program CCleaner "dumps Windows XP's useless detritus and clears out" other unnecessary files. This program aims to rid your computer of all the junk files that slow it down. 3/6/07
  7. Computer Geeks.Com. Computer experts and those just learning ask for help and share answers and tips attempting to solve computer problems. Special help in removing spyware and viruses. 5/18/06
  8. Defrag and/or scandisk won't run. Try the advice in this thorough article from PC Service Tips. 5/17/07 According to this next article, Defrag doesn't do anything of significance to speed up modern computers. 23 Ways To Speed WinXP Without Defrag 5/18/07
  9. Dell tells how to protect your computer from hackers, spyware and viruses. Dell also gives you steps you can take to speed up your computer that seems to be running so much slower than it did when you first got it. Advice here is helpful for all computer owners, not just those who own Dell computers. Similar information available from GetNetWise. 6/25/05
  10. Earth Village. This is one site aimed at only those who are advanced computer users. " website dedicated to providing its readers with the latest tech news, product reviews, and bargains in a safe and friendly online environment." Computer technies interested in sharing their expertise with one another and the public offer help to enable you to fix some of the problems on your computer. 6/25/05
  11. Kim Komando, radio talk show host and columnists, departs her computer expertise on her popular website. Includes links to her past columns. I especially like Kim's computer tips. 3/20/09
  12. Macintosh (Apple) computer club in Tampa Bay, Florida. 4/13/05
  13. Microsoft Communities. People who use Microsoft products share information on various topics. 5/26/06
  14. Outlook. If you use Microsoft's Outlook as your email program, you should be concerned that if your harddrive fails, then you could lose all the email messages you have received. This Microsoft site tells you how to make a back up copy of these saved email message. 4/28/06
  15. PCYouBuy offers Computer tips and help. 3/13/05
  16. Power surges can damage your computer. PC World magazine explains how to protect your computer. 9/7/05
  17. Printer problems? I kept getting paper jams in my Dell inkjet printer. I got great advice from the site Fix Your Printer. The advise told me to turn my printer upside down and shake it, and there would be a good chance something would fall out that was blocking the flow of the paper. I did just that -- and a ball point pen fell out. I have no idea how it got there. Well, this site helped me with my printer problem and maybe it can help you, too. The advice, by the way, was free.5/15/09
  18. Safe Mode. Sometimes when your computer is running very slowly, the problem may be that too many programs are automatically starting every time you boot up (start) your computer. You might try running your computer in Safe Mode which disables many of the programs that may be slowing down your computer. If in Safe Mode, your computer continues to run very slowly, than it's likely your problem does not result from too many programs running at Start Up. 5/16/05
  19. Scandisk for Windows XP? Scandisk is not available for Windows XP. Microsoft reports " you can use the Error-Checking tool in Windows XP to check the integrity of your hard disk." See (1), (2) 5/26/06
  20. Solutions column by John Torro in the St. Pete Times. Weekly columns on computer problems.11/4/2010
  21. Speeding up your computer. PC World offers help for making your sluggish computer get some renewed energy. 8/12/2014
  22. Spyware removal programs reviewed. C|Net's Download.Com reviews ten popular programs for removing spyware from your computer. I use three spyware removal programs: Trend Micro Anti-Spyware, which I paid for, and two free programs, Spybot -- Search & Destroy and Adaware SE Personal. I was surprised to find that rated the two free programs higher than the one I paid for. Download.Com provides links to all ten of the anti-spyware programs reviewed. Adaware was rated best, Spybot eighth, and Trend ninth. I try to cover all the bases by using all three of these programs just about every week, and invariably, each program discovers spyware not detected by the others.

    Before running these Spyware removal programs, I am always certain to use Windows XP's restore program (Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore) because there is always the possibility that I may remove files identified as Spyware that are actually needed in running important programs on my computer. For some cautions about removing spyware, see the University of Virginia.

    For a good article on Spyware, see Alan Zisman. 5/10/06
  23. St. Petersburg Times (FL) provides computer help and information from its technology editor Dave Gussow. The St. Pete Times also has a blog giving the weekly tech news, links, and comments. 2/15/06
  24. Start-up files. If you suspect that your computer may be running slow because many unnecessary programs are automatically starting up when you turn on your computer, you can see what these start up program files are by clicking on Start/Run and then type in msconfig in the open slot. Click OK. Before you select any unknown files to disable in the System Configuration Start Up tab, check out what the file is used for at one or all of these sites. You don't want to end up disabling a start-up program that will cause Windows to crash or in some other way foul up your system: SystemInfo Answers that work 3/3/07
  25. System Configuration Utility. In addition to the Earth Village site above, you can also find out how to use the System Configuration Utility here, but be sure to only attempt to use this program if you are an expert computer user. Misuse can do more harm than good. However, if your computer has started running so slowly, it may be because you have unwanted programs running in the background, using up much of your computer's resources. If you're an expert, you can use this program to disable these unwanted programs from running in the background every time you start your computer.
    • Sometimes one or more of these automatic running programs may slow down your computer and make it difficult for you to run the scandisk and defrag programs. For more information on the System Configuration Utility, see Microsoft's site. 5/16/05
  26. Tampa Bay Computer Society. Meets monthly in Clearwater, FL. Offers free technical help to its members. Even fixes computers without charge for members. Annual dues $30. 3/13/05
  27. TechSupportGuy. Ten years ago a fourteen year old computer nerd founded this website to supply answers to all the computer questions he was getting from friends and relatives. Now he continues to offer free advice. 3/1/09
  28. Toejumper. Windows 95/98, XP, tips for speeding up your sluggish computer. Troubleshooting start up problems. Directions for getting access to the list of programs that automatically start up when you first turn on your computer, and shows you how to remove front he start up list that programs that may dragging your computer down. I found that even after I had uninstalled McAfee's antivirus program, pieces of it still remained in Start Up, causing my Windows 98 computer to keep the Mouse icon-hour glass running forever. 7/9/05
  29. Tutorials on basics of using the computer, email, internet exploration, and online shopping. From the Buffalo and Erie County (NY) libraries. 4/12/05
  30. Virus removal. You just got the bad news that you have a virus on your computer. Try following these steps for removing a virus -- from North Carolina Wesleyan College. 12/21/06
  31. Windows Support Center by Jim Eshelman. Information on using and trouble shooting Windows 95/98 through Windows XP. 7/14/05
  1. American Civil Liberties Union. Claims to fight to preserve individual rights guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 12/28/2013
  2. American Spectator. Seems like a good source of political debate, but I just came across this site and have not yet had the chance to examine it closely. Wikipedia does call the American Spectator an "conservative U.S. monthly magazine covering news and politics, edited by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. and published by the non-profit American Spectator Foundation." 12/28/2013
  3. American Thinker. From the site's About page: "The American Thinker is devoted to the thoughtful exploration of issues of importance to Americans. Contributors are accomplished in fields beyond journalism, and animated to write for the general public out of concern for the complex and morally significant questions on the national agenda." 12/28/2013
  4. Bill O'Reilly, controversial conservative TV commentator for the Fox News channel. Bill finds fault with a New York Times article on the Benghazi attack. Bill has his critics. 1/5/2014
  5. Bob Grant, I was saddened to learn today (January 5, 2015) that one of my favorite and most controversial talk show hosts Bob Grant died today. For years I recall my long drive to and from my Long Island teaching job listening to Bob on the car radio. He had a way of making the long drive pass quickly by. I remember so well Bob yelling at callers to get off his phone. More than twenty years ago, Bob was always threatening to quit the talk show business because he was so disgusted with so many of his callers, but even up to recent years, he remained on the radio. Goodbye Bob. I will miss you. 1/5/2014
  6. Born into the cradle of war. A Wayne State college student writes a fascinating story of revisiting Germany where she was born in 1944. The student Erika Martin examines her early years growing up at the end of the Nazis area and in Germany after the war. The controversy here revolves around her attempts to determine to what extent the typical, average German knew about the slaughter that went on in the concentration camps. Ms. Martin points to xenophobia (hatred of foreigners) as the root of so much evil in history and in the world today. 1/5/2014
  7. Coast to Coast radio show with George Noory. Stories of UFOs, ghosts, claims that humans lived on the Earth millions of years ago -- and all kinds of paranormal tales. Cynics laugh at Noory's guests, but others are devoted followers, late night listeners, who find much to believe and wonder about. One night I heard the show with an interview of Michael A. Cremo, co-author of The Hidden History of the Human Race. Cremo claims humans have existed on the Earth for millions -- perhaps billions of years, contradicting Darwin's theory of  Evolution. Cremo claims that the majority of archaeologists and other scientists may scoff at his claims, but only because they are too stuck on and committed to their views to consider Cremo's evidence. 1/5/2014.
  8. Columnists from the Washington Post, including my favorite Charles Krauthammer.  On the other hand, Oliver Willis offers a linked list of who he believes are liberal columnists. 1/5/2014.
  9. Conservative, Republican viewpoint on the news, From a liberal perspective, see Media Matters. 1/5/2014
  10. Conservative views of Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan and others, from Human Events. For contrasting views, see Media Matters "comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media." Here are websites of newscasters and commentators who many consider on the liberal side of the news: Rachel Maddow, Keith Obermann, Chris Matthews, and Al Sharpton 1/5/2014
  11. Crusades. I read a book What's Great about Christianity, by Dinesh D'Sousa. D’Sousa. The author led me to believe that Jews were not victimized by the Crusaders. But when I read another book God's War, by Christopher Tyerman, the view here was that Jewish communities were slaughtered by crusaders who on their march to free what is now Europe from Moslem rule took every opportunity to kill Jews along their route to Jerusalem. See, for example, pages 100 to 106 in a section titled "The Jewish Pogrom of 1096." I also found these web sources confirming that Jews often faced persecution at the hand of the crusaders. (1)"The Crusaders came to liberate the Holy Land from the "infidels" and woe to any Jews who stood in their way." (2)"Crusaders 'exterminated by many massacres the Jews of almost all Gaul, with the exception of those who accepted conversion.'” (3) From Fordham University's website: "As they [crusaders] passed through Germany on their way to Jerusalem this motley crew killed thousands of 'infidel' Jews in the larger cities such as Speyer, Worms, Mayence [Mainz], and Cologne." (4) And here's a source from a college website (.edu)  that states during World War II, Christian clergy played a role in running a concentration camp in Croatia in which thousands of Jews were killed. In case you want to know about Croatia in general ...On balance, see this source from Holy Cross College that says that Catholics played heroic roles in saving Jews during the Holocaust. 1/26/2014
  12. Cults. Religious cults discussed by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance ( I suggest you read first the site's essay on cults in general. Then check out its parent site which is "a web project of the Southern Poverty Law Center" that "aims to fight hate and promote tolerance." I did a Google search, looking only for edu sites (colleges and universities) on the Southern Poverty Law Center to see if it is a reputable organization. One search-hit was a memo to graduate students in the Department of Psychology, Northwestern University. This memo includes this statement: "The widely respected Southern Poverty Law Center has now come forward on the realities and causes of the terrible wave of hate crimes against transgender and transsexual women now rampant in many U.S. cities." Memo is dated January 23, 2004, ten years ago -- but perhaps there is still much said that is still relevant. 2/20/2014
  13. Daily Grail. Articles, book reviews on the occult and other controversial subjects, 2/20/2014
  14. Drudge Report. Forst read this site with a skeptical view in August 2004. Reporter Matt Drudge has been accused of publishing stories without adequately checking out the facts, but on occasion his articles have broken major stories. That's what I wrote ten years ago, and Drudge's website seems today very much alive and well.  2/20/2014
  15. Da Vinci Code. Dan's Brown best selling book has stirred up much controversy. One controversy relates to the legal challenge that he may have borrowed too much material from a earlier book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The question becomes -- is Dan Brown guilty of plagiarism and/or copyright infringement? 2/20/2014
  16. Evaluating internet sources. More than nine years old, this article on "Evaluating Quality on the Net" still has relevance today. 2/20/2014
  17.  Facts or Fiction -- or partial truths. Help in telling the difference. PolitiFact is a helpful source from Florida's St. Petersburg Times. Big challenge today (August 15, 2009) is to weed out the fact from fiction regarding Health Care Reform, especially when we are bombarded by email messages claiming to deliver the truth. See article on "Are most forwarded email messages on political subjects true?" 2/20/2014
    • ABC News offers a fact checker resource related to President Barack Obama's health care initiative. 2/20/2014
    • Canadian Health Coalition. Canadians overwhelmingly support public health care. 2/20/2014
    • David Axelrod, Senior advisor to President Obama, sent out this email to perhaps millions of Americans on August 13, 2009. 2/20/2014
    • Sponsored by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.4/28/2014
    • The Fact Checker. From the Washington Post. 4/9/2014
    • Huffington Post site has article titled "Fact Check: Distortion rife in health care debate. 4/9/2014
    • From the newspaper the Tampa Bay Times. 4/9/2014
    • Results of Google Advanced Search restricted to the last 24 hours on all these words together: fact check health care reform. 4/9/2014
    • Schwitzer Heath Care blog. Gary Schwitzer is identified as connected to the University of Minnesota School of Journalism & Mass Communication.Criticizes single source, unsigned "documents" as being unreliable. 4/9/2014
    • Tax Policy Center. If political candidates make statements about how much their policies or project would cost the tax paper, this is a good site to check out, Urban Institute and Brookings Institution. 4/9/2014.
    • Truthout. Another site that aims to search out the truth of political statements. 2/9/2014
    • White House under President Obama's administration responds to questions on health care reform.4/28/2014
    • Yahoo. I typed this question into the Yahoo search engine and got these hits: Is Canadian health care better than US health care? 4/9/2014
  18. Flying Saucer reports from around the world. Fact or fantasy? 4/9/2014
  19. Free Thought Radio. Hosts radio talk shows that oppose traditional religions. 4/9/2014
  20. Glenn Beck. TV Fox and radio commentator. Frequently attacks what he views as the "Radicals on the Left." Color of Change aims to strengthen "the Black America's political voice." As of August 14, 2009, its website provides a form to calling Beck's advertisers to drop him. 4/9/2014
  21. Hannity, Sean. Conservative radio and TV talk show host. 4/9/2014
  22. Hiram Bingham IV Debate. Haram Bingham is considered a hero by some for his work in behalf of saving Jews from Nazi persecution during the Holocaust. Others, however, take issue with this view and hold that Bingham at the end of his life was an anti-semite and a Holocaust denier. Source 1. Source 2. Source 3 (Scroll half down this web page until you come to the section Raiders of the Lost Ark) 4/9/2014
  23. High speed railroad -- a good idea or a train load of trouble? Robert Samuelson's view in the Washington Post. More on the same topic from the New York Times. 4/9/2014.
  24. Intelligent Design is stirring much controversy today as its supporters want taught in the classroom a theory that the design, order in the universe cannot be explained by evolution alone but reflects an intelligent force (God) that controlled the evolutionary process. The New York Times gives a comprehensive picture of this controversy. 4/9/2014
  25. International Responsibilities Task Force of the American Library Association's Social Responsibilities.The authors of this site promote it as "Alternative News, Analysis, and Commentary." Provides links to many sources that seem to be anti-Bush administration. 4/9/2014
  26. Israel/Palestinian conflict
    • Google hits on the words history Israel Palestinians. Now doing the same Google search but limiting myself to hits updated in the last three months as of April 9, 2014, and almost all from edu domains -- American colleges or universities. 4/9/2014
    • Middle East Research and Information Project. A primer on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Broken up into 14 sections including Zionism, British Mandate, UN Partition Plan. 4/28/2014
    • MidEast Web. A brief history of Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A quick look at this Website makes me think that it attempts to give a balanced view. From its About page: "MidEast Web was started by people active in Middle East dialog and peace education efforts. Our goal is to weave a world-wide web of Arabs, Jews and others who want to build a new Middle East based on coexistence and neighborly relations." For information about its founders and supporters...4/28/2014
    • Jews Against Zionism. This group of Orthodox Jews oppose the establishment of Israel. Some of their rabbis met with President Ahmadinejad of Iran . Wikipedia article on the ultra othodox Neturei Karta. Israel's chief rabbi condemns Neturei Karta. Links to articles in the Jerusalem Post about Neturei Karta. 4/28/2014
    • 2010 top Top ten anti-Israel lies from the Simon Weisenthal Center. You can download a pdf booklet at this site. 4/28/2014
  27. Life after death. Down through the centuries, mankind has wrestled with the question if the human personality, spirit suvives the death of the body. James Park on the University of Minnesota lists several books that he thinks does the best job wrestling with this question. Other subjects James Park offers information on. Biographical information on Park. 4/28/2014
  28. John Loftus, a St. Petersburg, Florida resident, is a former Justice Department prosecutor who once had the highest security clearance, enabling him to learn of secret, controversial issues, including Nazis war crimes. He now investigates and reveals how terrorists operate. 4/28/2014
  29. Krasko, Genrich L. Professor Krasko, although a retired physics professor, has written much in a philosophyical vein, tackling such topics as finding meaning, purpose in life. See his book, for example, This Unbearable Boredom of Being: A Crisis of Meaning in America. You can also read an excerpt of this here. 4/28/2014
  30. Liberal versus conservative. On April 28, 2014, a Google search on "Liberal vs Conservative" brought up these links. Might be helpful for those trying to learn the differences between liberals and conservatives explained by a variety of sources. 4/28/2014
  31. Mark Levin. Talk show host of his own radio program, Mark Levin blasts Bill O'Reilly for attacking conservative talk show hosts. Levin's own website. 4/9/09
  32. Media Research Center states as its purpose to expose bias in the media. But it looks to me that it focuses on liberal bias in the media. 8/9/2011
  33. Media Matters. Claims to be a non-profit organization "dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media."
  34. Michael Medved, conservative talk show host and movie critic. 4/28/2014
  35. Michael Moore. Controversial director of the movie Fahrenheit 911. 9/28/05
  36. Michael Savage, talk show host, considers himself an independent thinker, critical at times of both Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with him, Savage will certainly stimulate your own critical thinking. 5/22/05
  37. Political action organization that seeks to organize average Americans into a powerful political force.
  38. National ID cards, the pro's and con's, from Baylor University.
  39. National Public Radio. Government and public funded radio shows, free of commercial advertisements. Emphasizes cultural, educational program that many would consider too intellectual, too sophisticated for the average American. For a thorough description of NPR, see Wikipedia.
  40. Moslems against terrorism. A site promoting the view that Moslems should condemn terrorism, including suicide bombing. For background information on our struggle against terrorism, refer to links provided by Holmes Community College in Grenada, Mississippi. 3/26/05
  41. New9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. A Google search on this subject brings up more than 200 million hits, offering a variety of views. When I limited my Google search to only .edu sites updated in the last month -- thinking that I might come closer to a more accurate view by seeking the responses to professors affiliated with educational institutions -- the hits became more manageable and perhaps more worth checking out. 1/5/2014
  42. Objective news reporting. If you really want to get the news without reports swayed in the direction of either major political party, where do you turn? An article in the Huffington Post says that 90% of U.S. media is controlled by six mega Corporations. 1/26/2014  I did a google search on "Most objective news source" and came up with thousands of hits. I spent time checking out the first twenty, and list the sources that seem the most reliable. Of course, you may have a different opinion. So you can check out those same Google hits to see what you come up with. Meanwhile, here are mine. 11/25/2013
    1. Christian Science Monitor is the most objective news source according to
    2. Public Broadcoasting System (PBS)  gets a lot of votes for objectivity.
    3. Ryan Dube recommends five sources he has faith in. I know you may never have heard of Mr.Dube's website, you may be impressed as I am with his presentation and recommendations: a. The Independent from England  b. The Real News (accepts no advertising)   c. The Independent Media Center  d. World News  e. Alter Net
    4. Reuters is worth checking out.
  43. Open Mindedness. A great essay, I think, on the importance of being opened minded. Especially applies I think to those who are politically liberal or conservative and who do not even consider the views of others who have a different opinion. 5/26/06
  44. Sponsored by the Florida St. Petersburg Times, this site uses a meter to rate statements from politicians, lobbyists and others who generously give their opinions on what's going on in Washington, D.C. Let it be known that many readers often do take issue with the objectivity of the St. Pete Times reports as facts, especially concerning the Arab/Israeli conflict. On November 12, 2010, the St. Petersburg Times  call ProPublica "an independent, non-profit investigative newsroom". 11/12/2010
  45. Political parties: Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians. 8/14/09
  46. President Obama's official White House site. As of August 14, 2009, this site explains the President's views on health care reform. 8/14/09
  47. Primer Action Center. Reports on the Middle East crisis. For contrasting view, see the Cairo, Egypt Times. 8/4/04
  48. The Tampa Bay Times reports that it intends to check out the truthfulness of politicians, newspapers and other news outlets, on both sides of the political aisle. "It's time to bring the independent scrutiny of fact-check journalism to our own industry," wrote Times Editor and Vice President Neil Brown. 10/11/2013.
  49. Rachel Maddow blog. For liberal, pro-democratic and pro-Obama commentary, Rachel Maddow is an excellent source. 3/24/2012
  50. Religious controversy. Hardly a subject could be more controversial than religion. I have a special interest in examining both sides of religious questions. In this section of my Controversy category, I will spotlight sites that tackle controversial religious questions. What questions do I select? Whatever interests me.
    • A growing number of Conservative Jewish synagogues are including music in their services -- music that includes not only the organ, but guitars, too, as well as other instruments. How are congregants reacting to this change? From J. Weekly. From My Jewish Learning. From Washington Jewish Week. 9/14/09
    • Did Christ's resurrection as described in the New Testament actually take place? A debate between Michael Horner and Dan Barker from the Secular Web website. I recognize that the name of the source where this debate is published suggests a pro-skeptic view, but I think if you examine the transcript of the debate you will agree that both sides of the issue are fairly presented. 9/14/09
  51. Rhine Institute (An Institute for the Study of Consciousness) at Durham, North Carolina. Research on reincarnation, ESP, healers. 2/12/08
  52. Rush Limbaugh, popular radio talk show host, gives his views on political issues. Rush has been labeled a stanch conservative, ardent supporter of the Republican party and President Bush. But visit this site to make up your own mind.5/25/05
  53. Savage Nation. Radio conservative talk show host Michael Savage stirs up much controversy. USA Today in 2003 reported that Savage was fired by MSNBC in 2003. See these sites for different views on Savage: (1) , (2) , (3) , (4) , (5) .4/9/09
  54. Sean Hannity, the conservative voice on the Hannity and Colmes TV show. For his partner's liberal views, read Alan Colmes site. Colmes includes a link to a test that could help to determine if you are liberal or conservative -- or something in between. 5/22/05
  55. Skepticism. Offers views that attempt to overturn beliefs in Flying Saucers, ESP, vampires, zombies, ghosts, etc.
  56. Slavery. For all my adult life, I had thought that when Lincoln emancipated the slaves, the path was cleared for blacks to make progress, free to reach financial equality with whites. How mistaken I was! The Emancipation Proclamation was only the first step in a long journey toward equality. I learned in Douglas A. Blackmon's book Slavery by Another Name that thousands of "freed slaves" in the South were only imprisoned and their services sold to steel, mining, and turpentine factories where they became indentured servants, chained, whipped, humiliated as much as any pre-Lincoln slave had endured. Blackmon's book is well documented. He has a website, too, to supplement and update his book at 11/10/08
  57. Smoking Gun. Owned by Court TV. Claims to uncover documentation exposing controversial issues. 5/16/05.
  58. Spirit of Change, newspaper-type publication about alternative, new-age health treatments. 7/7/06
  59. Spiritualism. Can the living communicate with the dead? Good introduction to this field is Raymond Buckland's The Spirit Book ( Encyclopedia of clairvoyance, channeling and spirit communication), copyright 2006. Wikipedia describes offers articles on spiritualism. Tricks of fraudulent mediums once exposed led to the decline of spiritualism. The Skeptics Report -- for more on fraudulent mediums in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Skeptics Dictionary pokes holes in the integrity of mediums -- those who claim they can communicate with the dead. Biographical information about the author of the Skeptic Dictionary. In checking out online resources on spiritualism, I stumbled across the Tampa Bay Skeptics site which holds special interest for me because I am from the Florida Tampa Bay area. Still another source, this one from California Tampa Bay Skeptics.
  60. Tony Snow. Radio commentator on the Fox Network. I first heard Tony commenting on the news on February 3, 2003 and found him very interesting. 2/3/0
  61. Sun -- England's most popular tabloid newspaper. 8/3/04
  62. TruthDig.From the publisher: "The purpose of our new Web magazine is to provide you with insightful and accurate reporting on current subjects and on issues that need to be brought to your attention." 10/22/06
  63. Unclassified government documents from the National Security Archive at George Washington University. These documents made available to the public thanks to the The Freedom of Information Act . See, for example, unclassified documents on the Bay of Pigs Invasion. 2/25/06
  64. Unexplained Mysteries. Paranormal, conspiracy theories. Includes articles on UFOs, reincarnation, ghosts, and voodoo. 3/26/06
  65. WikiLeaks. Released to the public confidential documents regarding our participation in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Uses anonymous sources. 10/26/10
  • Crime Fighting link to categories
  1. Background check from Intelius. This in NOT free. Can do background check including criminal records for both State ($19.95) and Federal ($49.95) records. See this facts page about this site. Check out reviews of People-Search sites that provide information ranging from phone numbers to criminal records -- from MediaChoice, Inc. - People Search. 5/20/05
  2. CIA Central Intelligence Agency 8/4/02
  3. Crime Library. True stories of famous criminals, including information on how science helped to nail the most dastardly villains. 8/4/04
  4. Crime Tracker from Tampa Bay (Florida) online. Crime statistics, amber alerts, sexual predator and inmate search, stolen car information, missing children.4/16/05
  5. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Information on current cases such as the ongoing FBI investigation of the the Centennial Park bombing in Atlanta. Also information on the FBI's most wanted. 8/4/02
  6. Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Offers reward for most wanted. Provides links to information on sexual predators, missing children, amber alert, background checks, unsolved homicides, stolen property and more. 3/25/05
  7. Homeland Security. 8/4/04
  8. Identity theft.
    °Federal Trade Commission shows you what to do if you think your identity has been stolen.
    °Protecting yourself from Identity Theft from the attorney general's office of the State of Pennsylvania. Includes information on contacting the four major credit agencies.
    °Links to several sites from the U.S. Department of Justice. 5/21/05
  9. Most wanted criminals. Help capture Americas most wanted. 8/4/04
  10. 9/11 Commission's Report. 8/4/04

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