6. To make the unordered list above -- each list item starting with a dot -- see your text page 138.

7. To make the horizontal line below, see page 95.

8. Here is a graphic of a book. The book has the file name book.gif. To see what the size is of this original graphic, I viewed the graphic in Explorer. The original size is 53 by 46 pixels. See page 84 for viewing graphic size using Explorer and Navigator. See page 82 for how to insert graphics.

9. Not to lose the proportion, I multiplied both the width and height by 3, ending up with the size of 159 by 138 pixels which you see here. Note how the larger image is not as clear as the smaller image. See page 84 in your text for specifying the size of your image for speedier viewing:

10. This is a second level heading. Notice how it is smaller than the first heading which was a level 1

11. Click on this small image -- only 5 KB -- and it will link you to a bigger image. You'll note that this image has a border. See page 86 in your textbook.