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Last updated: March 29, 2011

Purpose: Provide instructional materials for an introductory Internet class

After retiring as secondary school English teacher, for several years I taught a one credit Internet course at a community college, starting more than fifteen years ago when the Internet was still new to so many students. This course ran a total of sixteen hours, eight hours on two consecutive Saturdays. I created this Web site for my students to take the place of a textbook. I hope other instructors will find this site helpful for their students, too. Please note that the material in this site is protected by copyright. So any instructors using this site, either online or in print-out versions, should be sure to give me credit for being the author and owner. But assuming the credit is given to me, I would be happy, indeed, to know that there are teachers around the world are using my Internet lessons as part of their curriculum.

Sorry -- many links link nowhere

It's been more than five years since I've taught at the college -- so I'm in my second retirement, first from junior high teaching and then from college. But I've keep my work online in the hope that it may still be helpful to other instructors, especially those in foreign countries where access to the Internet is still a fresh experience. I must confess that I haven't been diligent since my college retirement in checking on the accuracy of all the links, so you may well find many of them inoperable. Still, I hope there's enough still ripe and alive to prove a helpful resource to instructors and students.

Lessons and Exercises

I suggest that the instructor guide students through the Lessons and Exercises in the order presented. There are far more exercises than can be worked through in a sixteen hour course, but by providing more than enough exercises, I hope to give the instructor the chance to choose those exercises that best fit student needs and interests. Then, too, the instructor can encourage advanced students to try some exercises beyond those covered by other students. After nearly forty years as a teacher, I have learned the importance of having plenty of worthwhile activities to keep students gainfully occupied. I think you will find in this Web site more than enough material to keep students learning and constructively busy during a sixteen hour course.

Suggested Web Site List

Besides the Lessons and Exercises, I have provided a Suggested List of Web sites so that students can easily see how much of value the Internet has to offer. All the sites are listed as hyperlinks making students only a click away from discovering something informative or entertaining. The best way to learn about the Internet is to begin exploring it. I hope My Web Suggested Web Site list will make it easy for students to begin their exploration in worthwhile areas.

Quizzes and Final Exam

Instructors can get access to quizzes and a final exam covering the content of this Web site. An instructor who wishes to view the quizzes and final exam should send an e-mail to Include your name, address, phone number and school or college in your message so that I can verify that you are, indeed, an instructor. I will then tell you how to find the tests and their answers.

Restricted access and duplication rights

I have a copyright on the materials in this site. For the details of this copyright, see my Copyright page. If you plan to use this Web site with your own class and wish to duplicate and distribute any content in this site, please send me an e-mail at asking for authorization. As long as my copyright notice remains on printouts, I will permit you to use my materials without charge, but I hope you will have the professional integrity to request permission before distributing printouts of my work to your students. See the Authorization Page for the ID numbers of individuals and educational institutions that I have authorized to use this site.

Let's begin

The navigation links at the top of each page in this site will give you easy access to my materials. For an overview of the site's content, be sure to see the Site Map. I suggest you start with Lesson 1.

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