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Lesson 5: Creating and Organizing Favorites

In the previous lesson, we learned how to delete unwanted Favorites that may have been on our classroom computer -- Favorites that were selected by previous students. Now let's see how to create our own Favorites and organize them into folders.

Adding a Favorite

First, go to this Web site:

You will see several categories of Web sites, beginning with Art and ending with Websites -- Creating Your Own. Go to the first Art Web site, the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Fine Art. Once at the site, make it a Favorite by clicking on Favorite/Add to Favorite.

The Add Favorite dialogue box in the Name box shows the name of the Web site, "Leepa-Rattner Museum of Fine Art."

Add Favorite window.

This is the name that will appear on your Favorite list once you click on the OK button. But you can change this name to whatever you wish. Just sweep (or drag) your mouse over the name or part of the name that is already in the Name box, and type in the name change that you prefer to use for the Web site.

Name slot in Add Favorite Dialogue box.

See how this Favorite's name has been changed below.

Name slot in Add Favorite dialogue box.

Changing Favorite name

It's important that you know how to change a Favorite's name because when you make a Favorite of some sites, the name appearing in the name box is not helpful in identifying the content of the site. For example, if you go to Audie Murphy's website ( you will see only the words Audie's Welcome in the name box of the Add Favorite window -- the same words that appear in your browser's title bar at the top of your browser's window. (See the images below.)

Screenshot Explorer with Audie Murphy website address

Changing "Welcome ... " site title

Audie Murphy was the most decorated U.S. soldier in World War II who later become a famous actor. I changed the favorite name Audie's Welcome to a name that would help me recall the content of this website. When weeks or months later I am searching through my long list Favorites. I want the Favorite name to give me more information about the content on the Audie site. How can I make the change? I select the original name and then typed in Audie Murphy -- WWII hero and actor. Weeks or months later when I go through my long list of my Favorites, I will know the content of the site based on my Favorite name.

Screen shot Favorite name selected.

After clicking and dragging my mouse pointer over Audie's Welcome to select this text, I just type over the selected text to change the Favorite name to something much more specific -- Audie Murphy -- WWII hero and actor.

Screen shot Add Favorite window with name more specific.

Making five more Favorites

Now go to five more sites in the Suggested Web site list under the Art category. Make each of these Art sites a Favorite. In each case, if the name of the site in the Name box will do a poor job identifying the site for you later when you see it on your Favorites list, then change the name so that it will serve as a good reminder to you of what the site is all about.

Creating Favorite folders

As the weeks and months go by, you will have so many Favorites that when you open your Favorite list, your Favorites will be spread across your screen. You'll be looking at so many Favorites that it will be difficult for you spot the one you want to use. To make it easier for your to find a Favorite among the many listed across your screen, you can create folders, organizing your individual Favorites within category folders.

To make a folder, click on Favorites/Organize Favorites, and then click on the Create Folder button. You will see a New Folder in blue, ready for you to give the folder a name. Give it the name Art.

Organize Favorites dialogue box with new folder created.

Moving Favorites into folders

Next, move all your five Art Favorites into the Art Folder. Select a single Favorite, and then click on Move to Folder button. You will have the option of selecting a folder you want the Favorite to go into. Follow the same procedure until you have moved all your Art Favorites into the Art Folder.

Now whenever you want to find a Favorite related to art, you will click on Favorites on your Explorer tool bar. Move your mouse down to the Art folder, and individual Favorites within that folder will appear. Click on the specific Art favorite you want, and off you will go to that art Web site.

Favorite folder showing six individual Favorites.


Here you will find additional information related to this lesson at these Internet sites. Other sources for all the lessons are found in the Links page.

To explore more information creating and organizing Favorites, take notes on these Web sites. As a minimum, be sure you learn enough from these sites to answer the Question Bank questions for this lesson. There are more than enough resources here to answer the questions.

  • Ball State University. Managing your favorite folders in both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.,1370,6327-1987-4482,00.html
  • Columbia University. Adding Favorites and other Internet Explorer tips.
  • Dennison Memorial Library of the University of Colorado. Adding and organizing Favorites (Explorer) and Bookmarks (Netscape).

Question Bank

Answer the Question Bank questions to make sure you have learned this lesson. Remember that your final exam will be made up of questions selected from this Question Bank.


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