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Mysterious Creature Under My Refrigerator

By Richard Edward Gordon Send e-mail to

bottom of refrigerator

Under this very refrigerator in my Florida home, I found the mysterious worm-like creature pictured below. I have no idea what it is. It is about three inches long. I couldn't reach it with gloved-hands to pick it up and drop it outside. I could only reach it with a long narrow strip of wooden molding. And I couldn't stand the thought of it darting in and out of hideaways in my kitchen -- or worse yet -- in my bedroom. I was afraid, too, it might be harmful to me and my family. 

So as a last resort, holding a flashlight, I jabbed it with a long, thin wooden- molding that I managed to slip under the refrigerator. That accounts for the crushed injury in the middle of this creature. May be hard to see, but it has two sets of legs -- one set close to the head and the other toward the tail end. Unlike a worm, it has a definite lizard-like face, also hard to make out in the photo. But from what you see, can you guess what this creature is? 

Did I kill a harmless, innocent creature, or did I free my home from something as dangerous as a tape worm, scorpion or a disease-laden tick? 

Not all that is ugly is dangerous -- and not all that is beautiful is safe. Fear and ignorance make us strike what is harmless -- but hesitancy and timidity tie our hands while danger grows among us.

Was this a harmless creature, destroyed out of ignorance and fear -- or was it as noxious as a rat or roach whose death made a home healthier and safer? 

Please e-mail your answer to me at Tell me what the creature is. As answers come in, I'll be posting them on the Responses page. The district manager of my exterminator company has e-mailed me her opinion.

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